Isabella translated Dea Loher’s play “Diebe”/”Ladrões” from German to Portuguese, commissioned by the Goethe-Institut. She produced the public reading directed by Fabio Ferreira, which took place December 2013 at Sesc Casa da Gávea (Rio de Janeiro) and was attended by Dea Loher.

Dea Loher is a successful German contemporary playwright and author. “Diebe” premiered 2010 at Deutsches Theater (Berlin).

Finn, an insurance broker, opens his eyes and knows he will never walk again. His sister Linda has seen a wolf and hopes her spa hotel, which is threatened with bankruptcy, will soon be located in the middle of a nature protection area. Erwin, the father of the two, would like just once to have a normal conversation, about the weather or the stars. Monika, a supermarket assistant, has been promised a promotion by her boss. Maybe to manage a branch in Holland. Her husband, Thomas, a policeman, would go with her. Mr and Mrs Schmidt feel they are being observed. By an animal? The pregnant Mira does not want to have her baby. Josef, the father, is really keen on the idea. Gabi and Rainer are looking for a flat or at least going through the motions. Ira, an elderly lady, misses her husband. Did he just want to go for a walk?

Dea Loher weaves together these individual episodes. The characters bump into each other in different constellations and see each other again in surprising encounters. The audience watches a gloomy panorama of contemporary humanity taking shape, a panorama that is nevertheless not entirely devoid of comedy. Always on the edge of the abyss and yet full of hope.